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Debossed wristband

    Debossed wristbands are a highly popular style of custom wristbands.Debossed custom wristbands are created from a custom cast metal mold provide a deep cut effect of your personalized message on your custom debossed wristbands. We do not require a minimum order,all our debossed wristband are made by mold,not by laser engraving machines,even one piece.

printed wristband

    Screen printing is a technique where the text, message or logo is printed directly on top of the custom wristband, similar to screen printing a design on a t-Shirt. The message on a screen printed custom wristband is not like an embossed or debossed wristband. The custom message is smoothly printed on the top layer of the custom wristband to create a clean and sleek message or clear and clean image of your logo, or custom design.

Debossed Color Filled wristband

    Color filled wristbands are most popular style custom wristband. Color filled wristbands are a debossed wristband however the text or lettering (your custom message), and logos are filled in with a special silicone based ink that will last for years. The color filled style of custom wristband will let your message and logo stand out.

embossed wristband

    Embossed wristbands are a highly popular style of custom wristbands.Embossed custom wristbands are created from a custom cast metal mold provide a raised lettering effect of your personalized message on your custom embossed wristbands. Embossed is the same effect as you would see on a credit card. We do not require a minimum order,even 1 piece is allowable.

embossed printed wristband

    Embossed with printing wristbands are the opposite of the color filledin style.They are with messages raised with colors,which are the derivative style of embossed wristband exactly.You could printg any color on the LOGO or message you want. The raised messages or LOGOS with different colors really make your bands with 3D effects!

glowing wristband

    Glow wristbands is a kind of band that could glow in the dark after absorbing sunlight or lamp light.The glow light could be done with blue,green,etc.The lighter the band color is ,the better the glow effect will be. The wristbands will last glow after absorb light again. The glow wristband could be made with all styles: debossed,embossed, color filledin, embossed with printing.Besides, the message and LOGO could also be made with glow in the dark! The glow bands are the best choice for the parties or events in the night.

special wristband

Special size: We could make various sizes, the length from 2 “ to 25”, and the width from 0.5inch to 2inch.

Special shape : Besides the standard round shape, we could also make various figured shape. Just tell or show us what shape you need, we will do the left for you.

Special glow: Besides the normal glow band with green light, we could also make glow band with blue glow, white glow, even red glow.

UV bands: UV band is also one special one among our bands. Our UV band change the transparent band to be purple under sunshine.The stronger the sunlight is, the darker the band color will be.